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Meeting and Event Reports

9th December 2020


The Chairman welcomed 14 members and wives on Zoom.


A Visit to China

Gerald and Denise Massey gave a very interesting slideshow and talk on their visit to China. They visited very many places, they also did a cruise on the Yangtze and took some superb photographs, although however good the photography it was impossible to disguise the filthy state of the river described by Gerald as a sewer but that didn’t stop men fishing in it.

Photographs also showed the many different interpretations on how to drive in China, which made life precarious for the rickshaw drivers and pedestrians. They also visited the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Warriors, photographs showed how vast the area is and there are still more figures to be excavated.

They enjoyed the Chinese food, it being nothing like in a Chinese restaurant here but they gave the impression that they won’t be having “chicken feet” for Christmas lunch, the dish looked really appetising (NOT).

Members thanked them in the usual way for what was a most enjoyable meeting.


Next meeting: Wednesday 13th January 2021 at 10.30am and 11.30am.




11th  November 2020


The Chairman welcomed 10 members on Zoom.


Peter Buxton had written to say he was pleased to accept the offer of Honorary Life Membership and wished to thank the members.

Should Universities, Colleges and Schools have been closed? A good discussion with most agreeing that they should be closed because of the attitude of some to ignore the guidelines. It was stated that finance from foreign students was a factor in re-opening.

Schools should now be open and most were working well with children obeying the rules. It was surprising there were children coming back to school in nappies having forgotten toilet training while at home.


At 11.00am a 2 minutes silence was observed.


Favourite meal if on death row: Many choices – fillet steak & gooey pudding, tomato soup, braised steak, cheesecake, treacle pudding, fish & chips, ice cream, lamb chop & chips, cheesecake, prawn cocktail, meat & tatty pie, rhubarb & custard, a slow cooked meal, a large bowl of All Bran!


Who would be your ideal Covid 19 bubble mate? In no particular order - Dolly Parton, David “Bumble” Lloyd, Nigella Lawson, Sofia Loren, Rachel Riley, a dog, Kate Humble and “my wife because I know her.”


AOB: The NHS Test & Trace app failings, the actions of Donald Trump on losing the US election. The Probus Club Constitution is to be reviewed by Tony Harris, regarding quorum numbers at the AGM and proxy voting due to the pandemic.


Next meeting: Wednesday 9th December on Zoom, when Gerald Massey will take us on a trip to China courtesy of his slide show and no self isolation.




Annual General Meeting, 14th October 2020


The Chairman welcomed 12 members to the meeting held by Zoom.


Minutes of the AGM held on 10th October 2019 were accepted after amending item 9iv from Annual Lunch to Annual Dinner.


Reports from the Chairman and Secretary were distributed. Noted that the Probus magazine is now cancelled. The Treasurer’s Report was accepted after alteration of incorrect cheque number. The £50 deposit paid to Pocklington Gliding Club to be requested to be refunded.


Business for the year 2020/2021:

i)  Annual Subscription reduced to £0 until we meet again in person.

ii)  Christmas Lunch – cancelled.

iii) Annual Dinner – will not be re-instated until a change in Covid allows it.


There were votes of thanks to the Chairman and the committee for their work throughout this difficult year.

In view of the lack of events during the pandemic, all officers will remain unchanged for 20/21, if willing to stand.


President – Malcolm Craggs

Chairman – John Sharman

Vice Chairman – Peter Grant

Secretary – Ray Jones

Treasurer – Digby Sewell

Note Taker – Malcolm Craggs  

Publicity – Gerald Massey

Trip Advisor – Malcolm Winn


Committee Members: All officers plus Gerald Massey (Publicity), Malcolm Winn (Trips), David Bannister (Past Chairman)


At this time Zoom seems to be the only way to meet and we will continue to meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.


The Chairman and 2 others will investigate ways of using Zoom to offer talks/presentations to the members. We will have an opportunity to increase the membership when the pandemic is over, as people look for new things to do.


Peter Buxton will be offered Honorary Life Membership of Driffield Probus Club.




16th September 2020


The Chairman welcomed 11members on Zoom.


The Grumpy Club now meet since change in Covid Rules allows 6 individuals to meet.

Restarting Probus Club meetings in person: There were no new views on the subject passed to the Chairman since the last meeting but it is unlikely to happen soon.


Hobbies: When young, John Sharman – stamp collecting, meteorology and cricket, Malcolm Winn – stamp collecting, go-carting and now coin collecting, Gerald Massey – collecting stamps with birds on them and still does, Ian Fairweather – fishing and now making wine, Mike Roberts – playing the piano then church organist and he now plays for the Yorkshire Wolds Community Choir, Peter Grant – building and racing sailing dinghies and is a qualified yacht master, he also ran for Hull Harriers and Yorkshire, now singing and gardening, Digby Sewell – collecting horseshoe crabs and cutting the lawn!, Malcolm Craggs – train spotting, building model gliders and cricket, Tony Harris – singing in the church choir, the theatre and cricket.


Strong views were expressed about the BBC being too PC and this then led to most being unhappy about having to buy a television licence. Comments were passed that the Black Lives Matter movement is causing turmoil in America.


Speed Limits: No problem with lowering speed limits, example the speed limit lowered between Sheffield and Rotherham to reduce pollution. Comments passed on getting caught speeding, the increase in cycle lanes slowing traffic, the space needed to pass a cyclist, zebra crossings, the quietness of electric cars, the loss of hard shoulders on some motorways and the lack of bells on bicycles.


The Chairman told the meeting about the Lions having electric scooters which are available for the public to borrow, no charge but one can make a donation. Some people are having their flu jabs at Lloyds Chemists.


Next meeting Wednesday14th October on Zoom, which is the AGM. Whynot join us, if you aren’t sure how contact Malcolm Craggs who will try to help. As this is an unusual period in time, members who are not able to attend the AGM on zoom are requested to contact the chairman by email or telephone giving their agreement that decisions made at the AGM are carried.




26th August 2020


The Chairman welcomed 9 members on Zoom.


Restarting Probus Club meetings in person: There were no new views on the subject passed to the Chairman since the last meeting.


Should all schools start with a full complement next month? A good discussion followed with most agreeing that children should return to school.


Grumpy Club meals. This was discussed as 4 of the 6 members are also Probus Club members. Grumpy Club do not meet as most are uncomfortable with the idea of socialising outside their own bubble. The majority present at the meeting held this view and it doesn’t seem likely to change soon. Malcolm Craggs did give Peter Grant a 2 metres distance pat on the back for the way he ventures out and has recently been on holiday. Digby Sewell asked if we could organise a masked ball this year.


Use of digital communications and our 3rd age society. The Chairman expressed the view that many older people who are not computer literate are penalised by the many adverts which tell us to go on line to book, buy or find out more information, all agreed this is difficult for some people.


Discussion Topics. The lack of members present at zoom meetings was discussed, are we doing things right, or do we need to change? Let the Chairman know if you have any views. (Afterthought. No one will be offended if you still haven’t ventured out for a haircut) Comments were passed about facilities which are now not offered at GP surgeries, ear syringing being one example (this was stopped before Covid 9.


Next meeting Wednesday16th September at 10.30 and 11.30am on Zoom, agreed one meeting in September as the AGM is early October. Why not join us, if you aren’t sure how, contact Malcolm Craggs who will try to help.